ATLAS Requirements for Fraternity and Sorority Life

ATLAS (Accountability Towards Leadership Achievement and Success) is the result of a student-led task force established in 2017.  The purpose of ATLAS is to serve as a roadmap to assist the fraternity and sorority community in meeting organizational goals and to support positive working relationships between the University, Governing Councils, and individual chapters. Ultimately, the goal is to provide resources and support to enhance educational and leadership development programming, risk management, civic engagement initiatives, and membership development for all organizations. 

If a chapter fails to meet the minimum requirements set by ATLAS, there is a system in place to hold them accountable.  The first semester that a chapter fails to meet requirements they meet with the ATLAS Peer Advisory Board that consists of the 3 Governing Council Presidents and a selected Chapter President from each respective council.  If the chapter is struggling academically or with programming, then the Vice Presidents of Scholarship or Programming will also sit in to assist the chapters create a plan of action.  If a chapter fails to meet standards a second semester in a row, they are taken through their respective council's judicial procedures for sanctioning.  If a chapter fails to take action and make measurable strides towards chapter success and recognition for three semesters in a row or fail for a 4th semester out of 5 consecutive semesters, the chapter is then sent to the Appalachian State University Organizational Conduct Board for failure to meet University and Governing Council requirements for recognition.  (See the current chapter standings below)

The ATLAS Benchmarks are:




Risk Management



These benchmarks are in place to help our Chapter Leaders define their goals and roles within the chapter. It is important that a chapter feels empowered to achieve these benchmarks each year and have a defined purpose. 

ATLAS Documents and Resources

Download: Appalachian State University ATLAS Requirements

Download: ATLAS Fall 2021 Due Dates

Download: 2021 Above and Beyond Rubric

ATLAS Submission Forms

ATLAS Submission Form - used at the start of Spring and Fall Semester

ATLAS New Member Education Report- To be completed at the start of the Spring and Fall Semester by the New Member Educator or Intake Coordinator if chapter is participating in Recruitment or Intake.

ATLAS Scholarship Report - To be completed at the start of the Spring and Fall Semester by the Scholarship Chair.

ATLAS Service and Philanthropy Report- To be completed by the Philanthropy and/or Service Chairs at the conclusion of all chapter wide service events or Philanthropy Events.  Also, chapters utilize this form to submit individual service hours to the councils.

ATLAS Advisor Meeting Report - To be completed by Chapter or Faculty Advisors when meeting with Chapter Leadership or Chapters.  Must complete two meetings each semester per ATLAS.

ATLAS End of Term Report - To be completed at the end of Fall Semester.  At the end of the Fall semester, this form will be utilized to report new officers, apply for Fraternity or Sorority of the Year or Most Improved Chapter of respective Governing Councils. This will also be utilized as a final reflection for Chapter Presidents as we begin to transition new officers. 

ATLAS Programming Report - To be completed when your chapter would like to report items to be meet ATLAS program requirements or for Above & Beyond points.